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Learning Java

It's both FUN and a bit sad, that I'm now learning Java. The sad part is that for 6 months I've been learning JavaScript and PHP. But now I'm going to focus on Java. The fun part is that programming is always fun! So why do I do this?


I've studied some Java before. Currently I'm enrolled at a University Course where Java is the go to programming language. This has its ups and its downs. Java is used in a lot of enterprises in Scandinavia so the job market is good for Java developers. The downside of it is that Java isn't used in a lot of hosting services if you want to do private web dev projects. I love web dev projects so that is somewhat of a hurdle. But these studies will complement my freestyle learning with some structure so I will become a more versatile and, at the same time, structured.!

What's next

I'm going to use this blog to write about Java development and web development. Whenever I find some time to spare between studies and taking care of the family, I'll post something here. See you around!