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Round 2 #100DaysOfCode

As much fun as I have had doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge I simply have to do it again. I’m back for more!

This is my plan: I’m going to tour the backend in Symfony but also explore what Express server is and how it's to have Node on the back end. While I’ll be learning more advanced subjects in Symfony, Node and Express are new to me. Learning that will be more of a familiarisation task.

I will bounce between the front end and back end like a professional ping pong ball; I will learn more about webpack besides running a build command on a react app. I’m going to cover security issues in JavaScript and also how to test my applications.

For the most part during this challenge I will spend time learning. My main learning resources are going to be and But that is of course not all. I’m planning to complete three projects: A civics app, a local news app and enhancement of my personal site ( I’ll write about each project here on my blog as I am doing them. For daily updates, look me up on Twitter.

My plan in detail for the coming 100 days:

WEEK 1-3: Symfony; from back to the fore
Day 1-3: Request-Response flow in Symfony
Day 4-6: API platform fundamentals
Day 7-9: API security
Day 10-14: Webpack
Day 15-19: React with Symfony
Day 20-21: Review of first 3 weeks

WEEK 4-6: Javascript; from fore to the back
Day 22: Package management with Npm
Day 23-24: Fundamentals of Express Server and Node
Day 25-26: Fundamentals of MongoDB
Day 27-31: Microservices with Node and MongoDB
Day 32-33: Intro to HelmetJS for security
Day 34-35: Chai for testing
Day 36-40: Information Security projects in JS
Day 41-42: Review of week 4-6

WEEK 7-9: Build a civics web app
Day 43-45: Research user needs
Day 46-48: Prototyping
Day 47-50: Set up CMS
Day 51-56: Implement identified functionality
Day 57-60: Add content
Day 61-63: Debug and release

WEEK 10: Testing
Day 64-66: PHPUnit
Day 67-70: Behavioral testing

WEEK 11-13: Build a local news app
Day 71-73: Research user needs
Day 74-76: Prototyping
Day 77-79: Set up CMS
Day 80-85: Implement identified functionality
Day 86-88: Add content
Day 89-91: Debug and release

WEEK 14 and FINAL: Enhance personal website
Day 92-94: Prototyping
Day 95-98: Implement changes
Day 99-100 Review 100 Days

And as always when it comes to plans: "The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley". Let's see where I end up. I’m so happy to start another round of this challenge. See you around, dear reader!