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100 Days of Code

Me a year ago: Didn't know how to code with JavaScript or how to set up a clean looking web site.

Present day: Round 1 of #100DaysOfCode challenge is now complete!

So what have I gotten out of this journey?
My plan was to learn JS, make my own sweet site, meet people and have fun.

I’ve come so far in JS that I now know more about what I don’t. Also I can actually make stuff!

I switched out my personal website. I went from a WordPress backend to Symfony. I also got a theme going: “playful and professional”.

I’ve also come to really enjoy Twitter now that I’ve met so many fun devs, designers and other tech people.
So that is 3 out of 4 so far. The last one is: Did I have fun? Yes! Very much so.

Bonus is all of the following:
I’ve learned about design; colors, white space, typefaces and tools for mocking up a web design.
I’ve learned about state management in JavaScript with Redux. I’ve also grown used to the frontend library React so I can get single page applications going. There’s even been statistics thrown into the bunch with d3 and d3-regression.

Committing myself to the 100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter has been such a boost to my learning. I’ve been accountable to a whole community of passionate coders who are compassionate and funny. I'd recommend anyone that wants to get started with coding - no matter your current proficiency - to also join us at #100DaysOfCode at Twitter.

My main avenue for learning has been There's tons of challenges and tutorials covering HTML, CSS and JavaScript! The tutorials are sorted under different certificate tracks, of which I have completed Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, Front End Libraries, and Data Visualization. There are still two more certificate tracks to complete and I plan to take them after a little break.

What do I want to learn more about next?
I have a penchant for Symfony for back end projects. My plan is to complete a track on Symfony 5 over at This will get me more comfortable with Symfony and how to set up solid APIs with API-platform. Following that I’d like to complete the certification tracks over at; APIs and Microservices, and Information Security and Quality Assurance.

After having done 100 days of coding in a row I am in need of rest. I am going to take some time to read books and play games. Running will be the same as always: plenty!

In the words of a famous sage: “I’ll be back!”