My name is Anders Björkland

I am enthusiastic about coding, gaming and running.

Currently playing Red Dead Redemption 2

Selfie - of me

What's the deal?

I am part self-taught programmer. There’s been so many people around and about that have helped me develop my coding skills. My first venture into coding was with Java. I developed a waveform combiner, so I could visualize what happens when you combine 3 waves of different frequencies or phases. I have since then delved into web development with my ongoing project Bokarenan, a book community built upon the PHP framework Symfony.

My formal training is in political science, so I have an affinity for making sense of how numbers can express what’s going on in the society (small or large scale). I have an ongoing small scale project that is overlapping with one of my other hobbies: running, and how distance and weight difference post-run will diverge from a good correlation as the temperature changes. When the data is in I am going to utilize the power of JavaScript to demonstrate it.

Cheat sheet

  • Greatest coding achievement was when I first freestyled Java. I used trigonometry and mathematical functions to describe the shape of a cloud for a mind map-application.
  • First started coding on Amiga 500 where I made a simple shoot ‘em up with Easy Amos when I was 13.
  • Book recommendation is The Real Happy Pill: Power Up Your Brain by Moving Your Body by Anders Hansen.
  • A game that's never gone old is The Settlers, which I first played with my siblings on Amiga.
  • Music (if any) that I play while coding is anything synthwave.
  • Music (if any) that brings me joy is Andrew W.K:s album You're not alone